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Bartitsu, the Victorian martial art, also known as the art of Sherlock Holmes, was created by Edward William Barton-Wright. Combining British Pugilism, French Savate, Wrestling, Vigny Cane, and Japanese Jujitsu, Bartitsu is a mixed martial arts system designed for the rough cobblestone streets of Victorian London.

We offer Bartitsu classes in Sussex and both events and private lessons nationally and globally.

Private Lessons

Want to learn Bartitsu? We offer private lessons, both face to face and online.
Based in Sussex, we can easily travel across Sussex and neighboring counties.


Have an event where you would like us to host a Bartitsu workshop? Or would you like to join us at one of our Bartitsu events? Contact us to find out more.


Local to us in West Sussex, want to join a group of like minded individuals exploring this historic martial art? Join us at one of Bartitsu classes.